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Jonah (Sheet music and Updates)

Announcing the next major project for the Saint Mary School Music Department:

Jonah 2020!


This is a musical based on the Biblical story of a reluctant prophet who tries to run from God, gets swallowed by a giant fish, and unwittingly saves an entire city full of people! Jonah will be performed by the 5th and 4th grade students on January 31st and February 1st, 2018! I will be uploading sheet music for band and singers on this blog as I finish it. Just click on a link below to access and print out the music. Please check back regularly for updates.

In the Belly of a Whale

Jonah's Theme

Jonah Scene Change Music

You Can't Run Away From Your Troubles

The Sailor's Life

Stormy Seas!

There Is a Whale!

Jonah's Prayer

Jonah's Theme Reprise

Nineveh Background Music

Royal Fanfare

The Sins of Nineveh

Only Forty Days More

My God Rescued Me!

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