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Docs & Downloads
Documents & Downloads
  • Hyplerlinks appearing as the documents are uploaded.

    • Contract & Audition/Casting Packet

    • DVD Form for Alice in Wonderland and all 2015-16 shows!

      • (COMING SOON: 2016-17 DVDS)​

    • View Blog posts for the latest

      • Ticket Form

      • Shout Out Form

      • Costuming and other show specific info

      • etc.

ThWrx Sign Up
SIGN UP online!
  • CLICK HERE to Sign Up online for the TheatreWorks/swPitBand FALL 2017 season!!!

    • Alumni, would you like to be part of the coaching staff?

    • Band members (Grades 4-8) are also scheduled in private lessons, which are at once a weekly audition and coaching session.  Students have every opportunity to show us you are interested and up for the challenge.

    • Stage Choir (Grades 4-8) is the vocal companion to the band, making great ensemble sounds form the orchestra pit.  Current active members of The Saint Mary Singers are eligible for this role.

    • TheatreWorks (Grades 6-8), more info below.

About TheatreWorks

TheatreWorks  at a glance, (Grades 6-8​)

  • Weekly rehearsals

  • Students will be encouraged to share their God given talents with others.

  • Theatre etiquette is part of the game. 

  • Combine powers with The Saint Mary Singers and The SoundWaves Band

  • Opportunities for all levels of interest:

    •  Writing

    • Performing

    • Acting & Singing

    • Choreography

    • Set design

    • Costume desidng

    • Technical crew (sound, lights, special fx...)

    • and more

  • Exciting fall special events!

    • 2 huge musical productions in Euphemia Hall

    • Public performances at Barnes & Noble in Holmdel & Applebees (Fundraiser)

    • Community Performances at the PTA Christams Bazaar & more

  • NEW opportunities available for SMSingers members grades 4-5


Thanks for your support!

About TheatreWorks
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