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smSingers SHEET MUSIC!
  • Please CLICK HERE to get into our SHEET MUSIC archive

  • This folder will continually be updated and organized

  • Be in touch with fellow teammates to be sure you have the most current edits

  • Let me know if I need to update a music online with a newer edit; we're always making changes and adjustments :)

Singer Sheet
smSingers Weekly

This is where our weekly music agenda will be posted.  If you wish to get better and make the team better, this will help focus your independent practice time.  Assignments will be updated on website, and student leaders and directors make those decisions at our weekly meetings.  Sometimes we will also post weekly mass recordings to reflect on as musicians and share.  Sometimes we will post recordings of newer music we wish to learn.

Singers Weekly
About the smSingers
About the Saint Mary Singers

The Saint Mary Singers lead and support our congregation's sung prayer with a variety of musical styles shop instrumentations.  In addition, there will be opportunities to perform and take part in other special musical projects and events outside of school hours.


Rehearsals for our school liturgies are during School and the weekly schedule as well well as choir assignments will be posted on the SMartS Bulletin Board in the main lobby as well as online.  Students are responsible for missed work.  Rehearsals for out of school events will be scheduled as well, for those students who are available.  Rehearsals are very important to the success of the group as well as the individual growth of each student.  A student must have excellent attendance in order to hold a leadership position in The Saint Mary Singers.


The Saint Mary Singers are a team, and we will maintain a fun and professional work environment.  There are many synchronized elements happening when we practice & play, and every student musician matters.  Students are expected to be  focused, enthusiastic, reverent, professional, and directable. 


The Saint Mary Singers are SMS’ premier musical performing group, and we enjoy leading weekly liturgies, regional performances, radio airplay, and we have recorded three consecutive Christmas albums.  We are committed to being excellent.  We work hard, have fun, and are ready to take advantage of opportunities that come our way.  


Thanks for your support!

Singer Sign Up
SIGN UP online!
  • Please CLICK HERE to sign up for The Saint Mary Singers using this online form.  

    • Returning Singers must sign up to get on the roster for the new school year.

    • 4th-8th grade

    • Audition process for 4th graders begins in late September

    • Alumni, please sign up if you would like to be kept in the loop, too!

  • Opportunities and important jobs for dedicated team members

    • Cantor​ (team leadership position)

    • Technical crew (audio, screens, and more if you make it happen)

    • Setups

    • Band (limited chairs available for the most dedicated musicians)

    • Composition, recording, solo features, and more!

  • Students must be active members of the team in order to be eligible to participate in special activities, such as:

    • Recording our 4th consecutive album

      • search The Saint Mary Singers on iTunes and Spotify today!!

    • performing in special SMSinger events

    • and also with TheatreWorks in the Stage Choir

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