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Cast List "Godspell Jr"

Thanks again for filling out our online signup. I have exported and organized all your info into a big beautiful spreadsheet.

Super duper work with auditions to everyone! Fantastic. Nice preparation, nice acting, nice singing, nice smiles! We are very psyched about an extremely fun production season and a spectacular show!

We have a lot of talent here at St Mary's, and double casting our performers is an important part of our program that both encourages the developement of students' characters to the fullest as well as ensuring every student has backup, or understudy, in case anything unexpected happens. We hope you enjoy learning on the extra role!

Crew, Choir, Band, congrats, everyone, for making the team!


  • More details on Solo assignments as we rehearse.

  • Keep yours eyes on the official calendar.

  • Tech Week Rehearsals Monday, April 24-Wednesday, April 26 (dinner served) until 7:15pm

  • There will be 4 total performances: 2 in school and 2 under the lights.

  • Cast B will perform Thursday night, April 27th, at 7pm in the opening night performance.

  • Both casts will perform to a different audience in school on Thursday December 1st

  • Cast A will perform Friday night, April 128th, at 7pm in Euphemia Theatre.

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