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Christmas Eve 4pm Mass

Click here to view a pdf packet of our setlist and sheet music for this event.

Scroll to bottom of post for a practice playlist made with our own recordings.


12/23 - Final rehearsal, Friday 12:30-2:00 in the music room.

We will first take a food break immediately following dismissal (BYO). We do still have some left over chips from Galilee tech week we'd like to share.

12/24 - CHRISTMAS EVE LITURGY - Mary Mother of God Church

  • Singers arrive: 3:10pm (please be on time)

  • Prelude begins: 3:29pm

Families, get there early, too. I hear that it can be tough to find a spot even in the Narthex once 3:30 rolls around. Also, one year was so crowded that Fr. started mass 10 minutes early. So settle in and we'll make it worth it with some really nice music.

Dress your Christmas best!!

Merry Christmas to all!


12/23 update notes/gameplan:

  • Our music area in the church is all setup in the usual way :)

  • After today's vibraphone almost fell to vibra-pieces when i tried to move it, we improvised a "stand" on the backs of 2 chairs in the church behind the band. Anyone in that area please be aware that it is a precarious setup.

  • Harmonizers, Tech, and Alumni Cantors, we'll aim to seat you as close as possible to your usual spots, for our own comfort and for logistical reasons. I put our binders down in the harmonizers section and on a couple melodine chairs to help organize this. Melodines can otherwise mix up with the parish choir in your section for the best results

  • Yes, we are still planning to start prelude music at 3:30 sharp, and to smile and be strong from the first song. And move right into the next without delay. Arrive by 3:10, please. (also, we prob have enough seating in our section, but if not that needs to be dealt with at 3:10, not while we are performing)

  • We are planning record audio in the usual way.

  • Enjoy singing Christmas Eve together, we'll have a blast and so will everyone in the church!

  • You rock!


Practice playlist: (not every song from mass is here, but here's a bunch from our albums, i'll update if i dig up any more recordings :)


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