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Get This: Costume Information

The following chart shows what we need individual cast members to acquire and wear on stage. Our costume department will add the finishing touches.

  • Pants edit: Rather than khakis, we will do black pants, or black jeans...if they're nice, no rips-- these are "uniform" pants, space cadets.

  • *As an alternate to black shoes, if you have fun colorful sneakers, particularly if they match your shirt color, you can bring them on in for approval

  • *Regarding the color T-shirts:

  • We want to all have the same shade of blue, green, etc. Please go to Michael's for the color T-shirts.

  • The colors listed on our chart match the colors on the tags at the store, and we took a picture of them too, see below the chart

  • They must be standard t-shirts with regular sleeves (NOT girls shirts with short sleeves). We will be ironing patches on the sleeves.

  • Please bring your shirt, with your name clearly written on the tag, to Mr. Kabash before Thanksgiving break so we can finish them up before tech week.

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