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Applebee's Flapjack Fundraiser

Nice rehearsal, today. Now take advantage of your day off and practice, practice, practice.


Applebee's breakfast and sneak peak performance next week!

Click here for Ticket Order form. When we receive your order we plan to confirm it with you, put you on the guest list, and later give you the tickets at the door.

Click here for Donation Request form. We are asking members of the company to consider donations for gift baskets, which will be raffled off after the preview performance. Or also let us know if you are available to serve breakfast. Thanks.


Rehearsal Friday November 4 until 4pm

CAST, BAND, CHOIR* & CREW* (design team)

Meet in the music room after dismissal. Band, Choir, and Cast will then split up to work on music and acting separately. Design Team will be zip-zapped, probably to the art room, to create.

Few students communicated a conflict, and we're planning on and looking forward to getting some fun work in with much of the company.

*Choir is optional, but feel very invited be there :)

*Crew, members who are interested in creating/designing props/sets.


BIG congratulations to the Saint Mary School Girls Soccer CHAMPIONS! Glad to have you on our theatrical team, too. Thank you also for communicating your post-season schedule to us as it got updated.

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