SMartS Camp "Not Your Average Joe" Video & Pics!

Hello SMartS Campers and families! I would like to share some media from SMartS Camp's big show. With the following pictures & video, any family or friends that couldn't make the 11am matinee will still be able to see and hear their favorite stars. I would also encourage the students to watch themselves, to notice what they did well and be very proud of the performance they put on, and in just two weeks! PICTURES Still Images (images from from 2 photographers, thanks!)

Click image to view 187 PHOTOS

VIDEO Official Performance Video (recorded using 3 cameras & an audio recorder and then put together on a mac computer)

Click image to view VIDEO

Click here for DVD ORDER form for Not Your Average Joe and please support our video documentation efforts by purchasing a DVD! I feel that I'd like to further formalize filming of future performances as professionally as possible, and offer options to students on our technical teams (please pardon any and all alliteration). Proceeds will cover costs and support subsequent sharing and memory preserving projects. For the cost of one ticket, everyone can watch! Info on Alice DVD Coming Soon!! Thanks again for an amazing time at camp! The SMartS Camp Team

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