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Audition Materials for Aladdin Jr.

Our spring play for 2020 will be Aladdin Jr!

This play promises to be a super fun musical full of adventure, treasure, and magic and we are very excited to work on it together! I will update the calendar with the dates of rehearsals and performances shortly.

We will hold auditions for Aladdin Jr. after school on Tuesday, February 11th until 5:00 pm. All students interested in being casted in the play should attend this audition date. If, for any reason, a student in unable to attend auditions on February 11th, they MUST let either Mr. B or Ms. Anderson know ahead of time. We will be happy to accommodate your schedule, but you need to make us aware of any scheduling conflicts beforehand.

For your auditions, please be prepared to sing one of the following songs. Also, you may access the lyrics to each song by viewing the student book available here.

Arabian Nights (Part 1) - for the part of the five narrators/magic carpet puppeteers

One Jump Ahead - for the part of Aladdin

Why Me? - for the parts of Jafar or Iago

Friend Like Me - for the part of Genie

A Whole New World - for the part of Aladdin or Jasmine

Why Me? (Reprise) - for the part of Razoul or any of the guards

Also, please be prepared to go through a couple of pages of dialogue from the student book Going to the link above and printing out these pages to bring with you to your audition is highly recommended.

Pages 20-21 for the five narrators/magic carpet puppeteers

Pages 24-25 for the Sultan, Jafar, and Iago

Pages 34-39 for Aladdin, Jasmine, and Razoul

Pages 54-55 for Genie

The more prepared you are for your audition, the better chance you have of securing the part that you want.

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